You Were Not Even Delicious In Bed During S3x - Woman Slams Her SuperSport Commentator 'Husband'

Baba Mthethwa's divorce from his estranged wife Kgomotso Koosimile just got messy with his new demand of getting half of her estate which includes a R12m mansion at a top golf estate in Johannesburg.  

The SuperSport commentator had rejected his wife's proposed settlement agreement sent to his attorneys in June by her lawyers. The letter sent to his ex-wife by his lawyers, notifying her of his rejection of her settlement proposal read;  “We confirm receipt of your client’s proposed settlement agreement sent to our offices on June 26 2019. We have discussed same with our client who has considered the proposals made therein. Our client has, however, instructed that he is not amenable to the terms made in the proposed agreement. Our respective clients were married in community of property by virtue of the fact that they were married through customary law. We are instructed that all the necessary traditional customs were followed in respect of the conclusion of a traditional marriage.

“In the premise, our client has instructed to pursue his half share of the joint estate as he is entitled to do so. We are accordingly instructed to reject your client’s settlement offer and instructed that the divorce proceedings should proceed.”

It was learnt that Mthetwa had gotten married to Koosimile in 2015, while still married to Kgomotso Matsetela who was four years older than him. Following the finalization of their divorce in January 2017 Mthethwa only got an office furniture, two TVs, a TV stand and a bed while Matsetela got their house. 

He is however now making demands of getting his newly divorced wife's asset. Sunday World reported that Koosimile said in response to his demand;  “I just discovered after sending him that settlement offer that he was still married to another woman. Let me tell you something, I didn’t open my legs to accumulate what I have. It was through hard work. He is not going to get a cent. I will fight him with everything I have. It looks like he slept with me for my things and he is not even delicious in bed.”  

She also recalled how he got engaged to another woman shortly after they separated.  

“Just after we had separated, I learnt through the media that he had [got] engaged [to] another woman in Durban and this woman was gloating about the same ring that disappeared from the car we were sharing. He came to my house afterwards and I asked him… but he denied it and we had a big fight over it,” she said.