Jealous Wife Baths Rival With Urine

An apprentice hairdresser, Hannah Ofori was drenched to the skin on Tuesday morning after an aggressive housewife poured three-day-old urine on her for allegedly flirting with her husband. Vida Duah, popularly known as Ama, took the surly action around 9:30 am at the complainant’s hairdressing salon at Bossman, a suburb of Obuasi, in the company of two female friends. She was convicted and sentenced to pay a fine of GH˘300 or serve a three-month jail term when she appeared before an Obuasi Magistrate Court presided over by Kofi Owusu Sekyere on Wednesday morning. Vida Duah, who is nursing a six-month-old baby, was convicted after pleading guilty to the charge of assault, contrary to section 84 of Act 29/60, and was given a lenient sentence because of her baby, according to the trial judge. The housewife reached her boiling point that Tuesday morning and subsequently launched the attack. Two other apprentice hairdressers; Faustina Nyamful and Jamila Massawudu; who were present at the scene when the incident occurred, were also affected by the horrible act. Police prosecutor, ASP Seth Sewornu informed the court that the convict and her two friends all reside at Obuasi but in different suburbs, whilst the complainants were also residents of the municipality. According to him, the convict, for over a year now, has been harassing and insulting Hannah Ofori over accusations that she is having an amorous relationship with her husband. Prosecution said Vida Duah failed to budge regardless of advice from family members and friends to desist from her bad conduct and persistent confrontations with the complainant. On February 23 2010, at about 9:30 am, ASP Sewornu indicated that the convict, in the company of Yaa Agyapomaa, a trader, and Joyce Ntim, a fellow hairdresser, went to the complainant’s salon where she (complainant) was pointed out. Vida Duah, who went armed with stored three-day-old urine in a container, immediately poured the fluid on the complainant and her colleagues at the salon without verifying if the rumour was true or not. Prosecution added that the aggressive housewife, apparently not satisfied with her action, then chased Hannah whilst her two friends provided security against any counter attacks. The case was later reported to the police and the three women were arrested and charged with the offence after investigations were conducted. The convict exonerated her two friends after she indicated to the court that the duo was not aware of her diabolic agenda when they accompanied her.