KMA To Demolish 200 Illegal Structures...40 Already Razed Down

The Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly (KMA) on Friday rallied to the aid of Osei Kyeretwie Senior High School (OKESS), pulling down illegal structures built on the school's land at Old-Tafo. The operation began this dawn with three bulldozers in tow, busily razing down illegal structures. About two-thirds of the school's land had virtually been seized by private estate developers. Mr Samuel Sarpong, the Metropolitan Chief Executive, described the extent of encroachment as disturbing and intolerable. "The exercise," he said, "should send a powerful signal to all that the KMA would no longer sit down unconcerned and allow people to take over government lands with impunity...There should not be any illusion about the Assembly's resolve to get rid of all illegal structures and protect these lands from further encroachment." He said it was regrettable that previous warnings to the encroachers to stop their illegal activities were ignored. The MCE said some "unpatriotic and greedy chiefs" were the cause of the problem and advised estate developers to seek clarification from the Lands Commission before they decide to buy lands, earmarked for government projects. HelloFM's Reporter, Sampson Nyamekye who was at the scene described it as very emotive and sorrowful with some landowners heaping insults and curses at the KMA. According to him, about 200 structures are marked for demolition with not less than 50 houses known to be within the boundaries of OKESS already down. One landlord, he said, however, pleaded with the Assembly not to level his building because he had already arranged with the school authorities to hand the house over to the school.