DPS International Holds Maiden Art Competition

One of Ghana's topmost private schools, DPS International, Ghana organized the maiden edition of what promises to be its annual art competition for parents, grandparents and students.

The competition aimed at developing self-expression and creativity based on the theme “ Being Close to Nature”
The gathering of 400 participants was entertained by the students who present melodious songs and rocking orchestra.

Students and parents were given two topics based on which they came up with their drawings.

In the end, there were 40 grand talents, with ultimate winners being awarded with various prizes including trophies and certificates of participation.

The two-hour-long competition which started around 4:15 and ended at 6:15 pm on the day that marked the birth of Ghana's first democratically-elected President, Kwame Nkrumah, had various categories of age groups namely under five, 5-8 years category, 13-18 years, and then parents.

All under five contestants were awarded prizes and certificates of participation as a way of encouraging them to take an interest in art.

The principal of DPS International, David Raj, pointed out the importance of art and encouraged his students to develop an interest in it.

He said the competition was one way to bring parents and students together to learn and at the same time socialize.