'Don’t Let Any Celebrity Deceive You To Sell Your Votes' - Ibrah One Advises

As the 2020 elections draw closer, several politicians are strategizing with all means possible to come into power.

While some have realized sweet-talking the voters all by themselves will to work, others have found another way to entice people to vote.

They’d do that by paying celebrities with great following to join their parties and talk on their behalf. It has also come to the notice of the public that some political parties fund/pay some celebrities who in turn have political interests to begin campaigns on their own.

We understand this is going to bring some sort of divided votes and in turn, will reduce the percentage the most favorite political party will gain.

In a recent post by Ibrah One, he has advised the youth to be wary of celebrities who are involved in active politics as all they will do is convince them to sell their votes to the wrong party.

He also made mention that they should not make any media house or journalist condemn a party before they realize how these parties operate but rather vote based on what they are experiencing as citizens of the country.