Ghana, Are You Worth Dying For? Oscar Doe Bemoans Unfair Treatment To Gifty Afenyi-Dadzie By Government Operatives

Oscar Yao Doe, the Chairman of Doscar Group has shown solidarity to a former member of the Council Of State, Mrs Afenyi-Dadzie for the unfair treatment she has received from some Appointees of Government who supervised the revocation of the license of her bank.

HRH Yao Doe celebrated the prominent woman for all her contributions to Mother Ghana, but queried why Bank of Ghana Governor, Ernest Addison approved the collapse of the bank.

Ghana, Are You Worth Dying For? The Painful Story Of A National Hero Gifty Afenyi-Dadzie

H.E, Mrs Afenyi-Dadzie's Profile & Achievements:
"AGE 62; Celebrated Journalist, Business Woman, Media Practitioner, Member Of The Council Of State, Managing Director Of 1st African Group (A Business Conglomerate With Over Three Companies In The Ghana Club 100. She Served On Various Boards, Including The Tender's Board, (MOFA) Advisory Committee, Ghana Institute Of Journalism, National Media Commission, EKUMFIMAN Rural Bank, CDH Insurance. She Became An Associate Of (WIFP); The First WOMANy Vice President And Subsequently The President Of Ghana Journalists Association, (The Longest-Serving GJA)President; 1996- 2003. Appointed A Member Of Council Of State In 2005 By PREZ J.A Kuffour, The Youngest Person As At Then. The National Prayer Director For Women's Aglow Ministry, (An Inter-Denominational Christian Women's Fellowship In Ghana. A Recipient Of National Awards (The "Order Of Volta") A Legend!

Ernest Addison's Profile And Achievements:
Age 56; Ass. Director Of Research (2003-2011) (BoG), African Dev. Bank, Pretoria Office. Chaired Some Committees And Did Some Feasibility Studies, Worked At BoG Since 1994. Appointed Governor Of BoG By PREZ Akuffo-Addo In 2017. Addison From Nowhere Also Appointed Nii (Deceiver) Dodoo To Cook The Destructive Audit Reports To Destroy Ghanaian-Owned Banks.

Addison Recently Revoked Madam Gifty Afenyi-Dadzie's 1st African Savings & Loans' Banking License Just Like That! A Company Built Over 30 Plus Years Ago.

Gifty Afenyi-Dadzie Is Known For Her Sacrifices For Ghana, Especially Her Contributions During The Crucial 2008 Elections. She Mobilised Christian Women's Groups To Intercede With Fasting And Prayers For Ghana. She Led A Mega Prayer Sessions At The Independence Square. She Is My Hero. I Salute Her.

Madam, May God In Heaven Console You And Heal Your Pain For The Injustice That Has Befallen You, Orchestrated By The Baby Idiots.Time Will Tell.

Ghana Hails You Madam Afenyi-Dadzie, For Your Contributions To The Well-being Of Mother Ghana.

Who (Even) Gave The Order To Revoked The Banking License Of Such An Asset Who Has Sacrificed Tremendously To The Development Of Ghana. Even If She Has Challenges, Support Her To Recover For Our Collective Good.

The Machinery Of State Has To Be Used To The Benefits Of The People, Not To Be Used To Destroy Our Own Indigenous Banks And Businesses. No Reason Can Be Justified In This Evil Act. None! Zero Justification!

There Is Something Wrong With The Way We Think And Reasoning In Ghana! We Waste Too Much Time Talking About Things That Doesn't Matter At All. We Gossip Too Much About People We Don't Even Know Well, Especially Successful People In Our Society! Let's Stop It Now! It's A Waste Of Precious Time. Let's Stop It And Focus On How We Can Use The Importance Of Data To Advance Our Nation's Progress. May God Help Us With Deep Wisdom".