Kufuor Bus Station Turned Into Refuse Site

The Ashaiman Kufuor Bus Terminus market allocated for the traders and hawkers affected by the recent decongestion exercise, is gradually being turned into a refuse dumping site. According to traders over there, they are very surprised that the Ashaiman Municipal Assembly (ASHMA) did not assess the situation properly before allocating them there, knowing very well that it was not safe for consumer goods, because there was no proper place for waste disposal. According to them, they had tried as much as possible to arrest the situation, but to no avail as the already existing traders there had turned the place into their dumping site. According to Madam Agnes Tuffour, a trader who has been there long before the decongestion exercise, the dumping of rubbish started during the rainy season. She said the nature of the soil always caused water to stagnate there, making it virtually impossible for hawkers and passengers to have a place to stand and sell, or board the ‘Kufuor’ buses. To prevent the place getting muddy during the rainy season, coconut husks were spread over the place, which led to the traders turning it into a refuse dumping site. Regardless of the nature of the place, these Kufuor buses park and load passengers, without bothering about health risks involved. As the drivers and other traders consider the place as their place of work, they eat and urinate at any place they find convenient whenever they want. The traders are pleading with the ASHMA and the Zoomlion Waste Management Company to help with the situation, in order to have a hygienic environment for both the consumer and the buyer.