Kwesi Pratt Praises Blakk Rasta As He Releases “Timbuktu By Road” Album

Blakk Rasta, a Ghanaian reggae artiste and broadcaster has launched his highly anticipated “Timbuktu by Road” album.

The 32-track album has the “Dance and Kuchoko’’ genre, a blend of reggae and traditional African music.

He thrilled the audience with some of his old hit songs at the album launch last Friday at the Accra Metropolitan Assembly City Hall where he also announced some projects he plans to undertake in the coming months.

In an interview with the GNA Entertainment, the celebrated iconic spoke about what inspired him to come out with this particular album.

“I had inspiration from the Jah the most highest. I’m delighted to have launched the Timbuktu by Road album and the Timbuktu by Road tour as well as the Ajankaba projects.

“I also unveiled another project dubbed the Africa History Festival, where we would go around the country and conduct quizzes for Junior High School students.

“Winners would be taken to Timbuktu and this project has been endorsed by the Ministry of Education” he added.

Mr. Kwesi Pratt Jnr, a veteran Ghanaian journalist praised the reggae artiste for his authenticity and display of bravery in his endeavour.

“The message in Blakk Rasta’s music is powerful and it is delivered with no fear or favour. In fact he is the most authentic reggae artist in Africa as he has successfully and creatively Africanized reggae with his Kuchoko style and totally owned.

He makes reggae music so relevant among us, just like the music of rebellion that we have known,” Mr. Pratt said.