Security Alert: DCE’s Life In Danger

If steps are not quickly taken to forestall a demonstration planned for this morning by some people allegedly being incited by the embattled executives of the New Abirem National Democratic Congress (NDC) against the District Chief Executive (DCE) of the Birim North District in the Eastern Region, a calamity may befall the nation. Information gathered by The Daily Democrat as at press time indicates that the group, allegedly led by the executives, whose election is being contested at the Koforidua High court, is planning to possibly kill the DCE, Mr. Napoleon Amoako, for refusing to recognize the disputed executives and awarding contracts to members of the New Patriotic (NPP). The current threat on Mr. Amoako’s life has become more serious after a previous one that saw the demonstrators destroying state property at the DCE’s office and burning portions of it. According to sources in the constituency, the failure of government to take an action against them is giving them the audacity to try this second one meant to put fear in him (DCE). Mr. Amoako has refused to recognise the current executives following an injunction placed on them by the Koforidua High Court. The executives have not entered appearance and the Presiding Judge is scheduled to pass ruling on the 25th of March, 2010. The embattled executives are Nana Boafo Kesse, purported Constituency Chairman, Odzeyem Daniel, purported Constituency Secretary, Agyekumwaa Grace, purported Constituency Treasurer, Eric Yakah, purported Constituency Organizer and Rabiu Mohammed, purported Youth Organiser. Subtly, they have succeeded in getting a permit from the police to embark upon the demonstration but it is alleged that their plan is to overpower the police and cause havoc, which may result in the harming or possible killing of the DCE. The Daily Democrat has over the time made publications about the division in the New Abirem NDC, leading to a disputed election and a court action by one of the members of the party. The party is currently divided along the lines of the embattled executives and the ones who were denied the opportunity to stand for election during the last constituency elections in the area. It would be recalled that The Daily Democrat published the outcome of the elections in the constituency where after the elections in the constituency where after the election of the Women’s Organiser, the old executives were quickly called to the podium and declared unopposed, thereby leaving other contestants in a limbo. The elections were contested in court and an injunction was placed on the old executives, barring them from holding themselves as executives and voting as executives in the regional elections of the NDC in the Eastern Region. Other members of NDC in the constituency are calling on the security agencies to take a firm action on the demonstration to forestall loss of or damage to property or human lives. They are of the belief that the failure of the authorities to punish the first perpetrators has created a situation of lawlessness in the constituency. They also contend that the DCE is the father of all, both NDC and NPP, so he has a responsibility towards everybody. They are, therefore, calling on contractors to follow the laid down procedures for the award of contracts and if they qualify, they will be given the contracts. The Daily Democrat will be monitoring the situation and will keep readers informed.