COVID-19: Don’t Be Secretive – Sammy Gyamfi Tells Government

National Communications Officer of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Sammy Gyamfi, has stated it is not surprising that cases of coronavirus have been recorded in the country.

According to him even though it is bad news it is not surprising. He said though it is a bad disease we should remain calm and not panic much as countries like China and Korea that panicked have faced its consequences in their country.

He called on all political parties not to be political about the COVID-19 since it doesn't affect political colours and has no respect for personalities.

“Let’s not be political about it for coronavirus is no respecter of persons or political affiliation and not considering ones wealthy status. Let’s take a nationalistic aspect of the story and tackle it as such,” he said.

Speaking on Peace FM’s 'Kokroko' political discussion programme, the NDC communicator stressed that government needs not to be secretive about the confirmed cases reported but disclose to citizens every truth involved in the case to keep citizens calm.

Also, he indicated that government should disburse some part of the funds allocated for the disease to create awareness in all languages spoken in the country and also create enough quarantine centres in all the regions.

“Government must throw more light on the cases confirmed and keep no secret. We don’t only need to know where the confirmed victims are coming from but their names are as well needed, because in Nigerian names of the victim and the driver involved were mentioned and where the victim travelled from. So why are we hiding details of the confirmed cases in Ghana as if it is a CIA confidential matter,” he argued.

Sammy Gyamfi further detailed expectations from government and said “Government should provide concrete procedures on how we can contain the situation and prevent it from spreading . . . "

 Listen to him in the video below