Disregard Skirt and Blouse Mischief: Assin South NPP Assures Massive Victory For Hon. Ntim Fordjour

Over 500 delegates out of a total of 575 and thousands of party stalwarts in Assin South NPP have issued a statement calling on the media and the general public to disregard mischievous publications making the rounds that there will be likely skirt and blouse voting should the incumbent MP go unopposed in the upcoming primaries.

They added that such claims are not only palpably false but borne out of mischief and sheer hatred. The astute party stalwarts including Constituency Officers, Electoral Area Coordinators, Polling Station executives, Council of Elders and grassroots members of NPP in Assin South Constituency, have unanimously issued a statement to condemn the sheer indiscipline, misguided rantings, and rather shameful actions of a small deviant self acclaimed group called ‘Concerned Members of NPP’.

This group consisting of a few former executives, which was formed barely 3 months in the run up to parliamentary primaries and sponsored by Joseph Damtse and his cohorts, have consistently been paid to stage fake demonstrations to rain insults and abusive attacks on the venerable Regional Chairman Mr Robert Kutin Jr, as well as the hardworking Member of Parliament Hon John Ntim Fordjour.

In the past 3 months, more than 3 press conferences and riots have been staged by this rather indisciplined group in both the constituency and the Party Headquarters in Accra, ranting baseless allegations while peddling falsehood.

We the party faithfuls and delegates of NPP Assin South deem as condemnable and distasteful, the rather indciplined trend creeping into the party and therefore call on the appropriate structures of the Party to deal with such miscreants as a matter of urgency to forestall order and decency.

Our Party Constitution makes provision adequately for addressing grievances and people who claim to be members of the party are enjoined to follow those channels accordingly.

We remain resolute in our support for the transformational and dynamic Member of Parliament, Hon Ntim Fordjour, and do testify of the many game-changing infrastructural projects and social interventions he has spearheaded within the past 3 years of his first term in Office and are more than ready to renew his mandate to enable him do more for our beloved constituency.

We will not be distracted by those who seek to destroy the party due to their selfish interests and self-seeking agenda.

We are on the grounds, we live with the people, and we know that the masses are calling on the party to present again Hon Ntim Fordjour as the Party’s Parliamentary Candidate for Elections 2020. Under the tenure of Hon Ntim Fordjour, the party’s strength grew from a vote difference of barely 2000 to over 10,000 votes difference in the 2016 general elections. Therefore we urge you to disregard the lies and slandering of any vicious and indisciplined group who are only doing the biddings of their stomach and that of their paymaster, to the detriment of the larger Party’s interest and progress.

We accept whole heartedly, the verdict of the National Parliamentary Vetting Committee to recommend Hon John Ntim Fordjour to run unopposed due to the legitimate grounds underpinning their decision.