Coronavirus: Self isolating GBC Staff Cries About Neglect; Threatens To Break Loose?

The Ghana Broadcasting Corporation staff who was ordered to self–isolate after coming into contact with the Norwegian Ambassador has expressed frustration over what he says is neglect from health authorities.

The reporter who appears to have come face to face with the psychological stress of a week of isolation has on Tuesday taken to social media threatening to get out tomorrow complaining of his inability to reach health staff via phone.

“I think after tomorrow if I don’t get any feedback from the health officials, I will have to go out because I am strong by grace,” his post read.

“This self-imprisonment is really affecting me and my other colleague who has  family. I had to call Dr Sakodie, Director of Public Health at the Ghana Health Service before I was called to answer some questions yesterday. Like I said I am not showing any symptoms after one week,” he added.

In another post, he has been demanding to be tested to free him of the emotional stress. “The only help I need now is to get tested and be free in mind, spirit, and body as well go about my usual activities –“

His comments have begun drawing some empathy from his friends who are unhappy with the low level of care expressed by the reporter.

Abdul Hakim Anwar Sadat posted, “It’s rather unfortunate he has to go through this.

Kabu Nartey posted, “undergoing self-quarantine Dieu Donne Dafeamekpor simply unhappy. He might not want to speak up but clearly he’s not happy with the conditions given him.

“Dieu Donne Dafeamekpor, the way to go my brother, very responsible. GBC must continue to reach out to you. Self-discipline at these times. We shall rise again!”

Ghana is currently on a follow up for some 350 persons known to have had contact with the six persons confirmed to have been infected by the Novel Coronavirus.