Ghanaians Encouraged To Use Locally-Made Hand Sanitizers

Ghanaians have been encouraged to patronise locally-made hand sanitizers and other detergents to protect themselves from the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Mr Issiah Adams Mensah, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Hour of Rush Enterprise, manufactures of hand sanitizers, who made the call, said hand sanitizers made with local ingredients were of high quality and cost effective.

He said comparatively, locally-made hand sanitizers were 100 per cent effective than foreign or imported ones.

Speaking in an interview with the Ghana News Agency (GNA) in the wake of the high demand for hand sanitizers in the country as a result of the COVID-19, Mr Mensah said local sanitizers and detergents gave instant effect.

“Our Hour of Rush hand sanitizers for example, when applied on the hand, can last for a long period of time until you wash your hands with soap and water, but that is not the case for imported sanitizers”, he stated.

He said the product could also serve as a mosquito repellent, which when regularly used could prevent one from getting malaria.

“I will advise Ghanaians to patronise our hand sanitizers and other detergents made from local ingredients in this era of COVID-19 for maximum protection. They have proven to be effective compared to the foreign ones”, he stated.

“We also have the Hour of Rush body cream, which is effective for all kinds of skin diseases, foot rot and protect the body from bacteria and viruses”, he added.