Stop The Cheap Petty Talk- Samuel Bryan Buabeng Tells Ablakwa

Lord have mercy. It is funny that Hon. Sam Okudzeto Ablakwa has found his hallowed patriotic gospel in these torrid times.
Indeed, not just in Ghana, the weight of the pandemic has taken a sorry toll on economies worldwide and the need for some measures is key.

Our internationally acclaimed President has shown leadership. He has relinquished his salary and did not ask for a pay cut. President Akufo-Addo has shown the way.

We had been in some difficult times before when he was in government. Is it the case for him that when the honey is sweet, thoughtful thinking disappears?

When he was asked as Dep. Education Minister to cancel the Research Allowances of thousands of teachers across the country for lack of funds, Ablakwa did not reduce his paycheck.

He did not stop receiving free fuel, he did not ask his numerous Tein Hangers on to go home.

When Ablakwa was confronted with the difficult financial problem of Dumsor, he did not stop taking fuel into his numerous SUVs.

He did not quit recieving his juicy allowances from the executive and from Parliament. The list goes on and on. He took huge car loans amidst difficulties.

We still pay legacy debts.

If he wants to help, he can throughout his term from 2008 to 2016 refund half of his salaries and pay back his allowances to government.

We are not ready for the politics of convenience that he is always interested in pushing. If he cannot do that, he should wash and sanitize his hands and stay home.

That's what Ghanaians expect from him not cheap petty talk.