Parents Urged To Supervise Their Children At Home

Mr David Oppong Kumasi Metropolitan Director of Education, has advised parents to ensure strict supervision of their children at home.

He said now that the coronavirus pandemic had imposed restrictions and made both parents and children to stay at home, it was the duty of parents to ensure that children were reading their books at all times.

Parents should now play the role of teachers and ensure that children developed study time tables and concentrate on their books.

Speaking to the Ghana News Agency in Kumasi, Mr Oppong said the lockdown period should offer opportunity to parents to monitor their children and know their true characters.

He said since all schools were closed and academic work halted, children should be encouraged and supported to learn at home in order not to forget what they had learnt in school.

Mr Oppong, who was the Sekyere East District Director of Education before his transfer to Kumasi, advised parents not to allow their children to loiter at the expense of their books.

He encouraged pupils and students to utilize the learning programmes on television to complement that of their books.