How Nissan Canada fired a Ghanaian employee over racist remarks

One would usually think having a social media account will give them all the freedom in the world to express their views and opinions at any given time and period.

But the case is always different when you work for an international organization that thrives on cultural diversity, inclusion without prejudice and strong company ethics.

In view of this, a Ghanaian employee of Nissan Canada has not been spared the wrath of breaching her employer’s code of ethics after some of her 'racist remarks' against Somali’s and Jews dating as far back as 2017 recently resurfaced on the internet.

Her case is a classic case of social media or the internet never forgets.

Ms. Afua Anku, also known as @afualareine on Twitter, was fired from her role at Nissan Canada on April 28, 2020, after a formal complaint from another Twitter user was sent to her employer.

Her tweets, which are seen as anti-Semitic and an attack on Somalis and Jews also angered many of her followers.

The said attacks and denigrating comments about Somali and Jewish people came to light after investigations were carried out by an account also on Twitter by the name @investigatorldn discovered Ms. Anku had over a long period used her Twitter account to share and spew comments deemed very vile, racist and anti-semitic against Somalis and Jews.

Some of the tweets that came to light almost two weeks ago showed a rather periodic pattern of Ms. Afua Anku even wishing genocide against her own African race.

It is, however, unknown how the tweets of Ms. Anku, who is said to be a mother of one, resurfaced back onto the internet.

At the moment, Ms. Anku has been rendered unemployed for her troubling views and opinions against another ethnic race dating as far back as 2017 and that has now cost her her job which will probably see her being flagged in the corporate world possibly for the rest of her life.

Nissan Canada Inc. was last week notified of Ms. Anku’s troubling tweets on Twitter and they indicated that the necessary investigations and actions would be carried out.

Following that, Nissan Canada Inc. on April 28, announced on their verified official social media page that Ms. Anku was no longer associated with the company stating that "her views were completely unacceptable" hence the decision to fire her from her role.

“The views and comments of @afualareine do not represent those of Nissan Canada. At Nissan, we foster and preserve a culture of diversity and inclusion without prejudice, and find this content completely unacceptable. @afualareine is no longer associated with Nissan Canada Inc,” Nissan Canada said in a post.