COVID-19 Herbal Medication: We’re At War And Ready To Embrace Any Means To Win, But . . . - GMA Prez

President of the Ghana Medical Association (GMA), Dr. Frank Ankobea, has indicated that the medical team at the forefront in the fight against the new coronavirus is ready and prepared to embrace any means needed to win the war against the deadly virus.

According to him, though no stone will be left unturned in the war against the COVID-19, the GMA will resort to only appropriate measures in the quest to finding lasting solution to deal with the new coronavirus pandemic.

Commenting on the much-touted Madagascar Covid-organics for the cure of COVID-19, Dr Frank Ankobea on Okay FM’s Ade Akye Abia Morning Show said that “as for us, we are at war and we are fighting this invisible virus and so any support from anyone which will help us to defeat this virus, we are ready”.

He reiterated that the country is ever ready to receive medical assistance from anywhere necessary to fight and win the war against the deadly new coronavirus, but added a caveat.

When we get the support, we have to investigate it so that the supposed help does not become another problem for the country. We are saying that anybody with the help to fight the COVID-19 should pass through the lawful channel; they should pass through the Food and Drug Authority (FDA) and Ghana Standard Authority (GSA) to ascertain the relevance of the medicine”.

“We will not accept any medication proposed to us simply because we want to find a cure; what if it affects human lives? Just take the medicines to the appropriate regulatory authorities for authenticity and efficacy, and once they do that and certified them as the cure for COVID-19, why won’t we use them when we need help?”, he quizzed.