Why Question Recoveries…Do We Want COVID-19 Victims ‘To Die’? - GHS Quizzes

The Director-General of the Ghana Health Service (GHS), Dr. Patrick Kuma-Aboagye is bemused at why some Ghanaians are openly doubting the recovery rate of persons infected with the deadly Coronavirus.
Virus Kills In Three Weeks
The medical expert explained that the same way the virus can at least kill its victim in just three weeks, likewise in same number of weeks, people can fully recover from its attack.
If the virus does not kill you within three [3] weeks, there is a higher possibility for you to recover fully after those weeks,” he said in an interview with NEAT FM’s morning show ‘Ghana Montie’.
Why The Doubts?
Dr. Patrick Kuma-Aboagye was therefore pleasantly surprised a section of the public are marvelling at such ‘good news’.
So are they saying we manufactured the numbers of those infected with the virus too? Why didn’t they complain about that one too? Do we want every person infected with the virus to die?” he questioned
Just three days ago, one isolation center [name withheld] had a total of 187 recoveries and they were discharged. The more cases we record, the higher the recovery rate,” he underscored.
Ghana: 1,754 Recovers From COVID-19
A total of 1,754 COVID-19 patients have recovered in Ghana, the Ghana Health Service (GHS) has reported.