You Are A Living Legend - Alhaji Sidiku Buariā€™s Children Eulogise Him

A LIFE well lived is one that is worth celebrating and multi-talented musician/film producer, Alhaji Sidiku Buari, has certainly done that and deserves to be celebrated.

The former President of the Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA) and businessman turned 80 years on April 21 this year and some of his children have eulogised him in interviews with Graphic Showbiz.

First was Shaida Buari who won Miss Ghana in 2002 and was full of praises for her Dad.

“I have always been known as Daddy’s girl. Anytime anyone wants anything from my Dad, they come to me because he has a soft spot for me. He trained us to be very independent, we are all doing well because of the fire he instilled in us when we were growing up.

Shaida Buari
“We are proud to have a legend for a Dad, we are so proud of him. I thank him for giving me good counsel in my marriage. The kind of fire he instilled in us is genetic, you will succeed wherever you find yourself. He is everybody’s Old Pa.

“I pray that he continues to live his life and live long. I just love the man he is, he has a good relationship with everyone. He has tried to bring his whole family together and he has succeeded with that. We are the Buari legacy.

Another daughter of his, actress Nadia Buari who could not be reached however posted on her social media page "Happy birthday to a living legend, love you Paps."

UK-based businessman, Malik Buari said he takes a lot of inspiration from his Dad.

“My Dad is a very intelligent person and his advice has helped me to become who I am today.

“He is very hardworking and taught me to be hardworking too. He is pushing young talents to get into music and that is very inspiring.

“Thank you so much for being inspirational, for a man, you are that role model. You led the way and helped me to be successful, you have been a massive inspiration.

“He is an honest man and honesty is key, as a father myself I need the truth to face the world. I love him very much,” he gushed.

Rashida Buari

Rashida Buari, who is also based in the UK had this to say. “He is a very inspirational person and a religious man who always prays and trusts in God. He is my mentor and advisor. He always wants us to get an education and be better than him.

“I love him so much, he has been a great mentor to me. Because of him, I am who I am today. We love him so much and we are so proud of him.”

Ashraff Buari is a medical student in the USA and he also had some lovely words for his Dad.

“He’s been very supportive, very loving, and very cheerful. Whenever I am down, he always has the right thing to say to cheer me up.

Ashraff Buari

“He is very hardworking and his hard work has gotten me where I am today. I am very thankful and I feel blessed to have a Dad like him. I love him so much and I wish him long life and prosperity.”

Sadia Buari, based in Chicago, Illinois is a Relationship Manager at Citi Bank and appreciates her Dad’s sacrifices for her and her siblings.

“He is a good Dad, he supports us and is always there when you need him. He is simply an awesome Dad, we never lacked anything because our Dad provided everything.

Sadia Buari

“I love him, he is the first man in my life. I hope to have him for hundreds of years to come. May God bless him and bless us his children to look after him, may he never lack,” she said.

Faisal Buari is based in Virginia in the US and owns an online marketing agency. He speaks highly of his Dad.

Faisal Buari

“My Dad is a very, very hardworking person, he is not extravagant. When he sets his mind to do something, he does it. He is ambitious and driven. I just admire his simplicity.

“Daddy, I really appreciate all your years of sacrifice to make us who we are today. What you have done and continue to do for us is very much appreciated. You are an amazing Dad and I love you so much,” he said.

Sidiku Buari Jnr is an automotive consultant based in Ghana and this is what he had to say. “He is very focused, determined and gets what he wants, that is why he won a lot of medals. He has impacted us positively and we are all very successful.

Sidiku Buari Jnr

“I love you so much Dad, thanks for being there for us, you are a great inspiration. Thanks for letting me bear your name, I wish you good health, long life and prosperity,” he stated.