COVID-19: Don't Lose Faith; We'll Come Out Better, Stronger & Greater Than Before - Prez

President Nana Akufo-Addo has entreated Ghanaians not to give up in the fight against the Coronavirus pandemic.

The President, in his 10th update on the pandemic, assured that the nation will come out of the crisis better and stronger than ever before, and so called on Ghanaians to exercise an unwavering faith in the fight against the pandemic.

According to him, the pandemic has taught the country a lot of lessons.

"We have learnt many lessons from this pandemic. The most obvious is that we have to fortify urgently our public health system. We have committed to the implementation of ‘Agenda 88’, that is building, within a year, a fully-equipped, functional district hospital for each district that does not have one, and a fully-equipped, functional regional hospital for each of the new regions, together with a new regional hospital for the Western Region, and the rehabilitation of Effia Nkwanta Hospital in Sekondi. We have to empower and increase the number of our healthcare professionals across board. Universal Health Coverage must become reality for all Ghanaians, not a slogan, for every Ghanaian deserves good health and good healthcare," he stated.

The President advised the nation to ''focus our energies on ensuring access of poor people to decent housing. We can no longer ignore this basic requirement of social justice. We have to make the things we use, and grow the foods we eat. We have to come out of this crisis better, stronger and more united than before. Ghana, free, united, socially just, self-reliant and productive, that is the Ghana we are going to create together after we have defeated this virus''.

He was also optimistic that Ghanaians will emerge victors at the end of the current situation.

''Fellow Ghanaians, ultimately, the Battle is the Lord’s, and, with faith in Him, we will emerge from this greater than before. We are one people, we are Ghanaians, and we stand together in joy and in times of trouble. We are a people with an exceptional history, and we are the proud promoters of the Black Star of Africa. We have all gone down together, we should all rise together. This too shall pass!!''