New African Heritage Advisory Committee Launched In Brooklyn, USA

A group of Africans in Brooklyn led by a Ghanaian has launched the New African Heritage Advisory Committee.
The Brooklyn Borough President, Eric L. Adam declared May 25 'Brooklyn African Day,' and launched a new African Heritage Advisory Committee to focus on the political concerns of the African immigrant community.

The founder of the groud, Jerry Kwabena Adinkra also reiterated the need for Africans in the US “to build 21st-century resilience community in our neighborhoods”
The Founding Members                                                                                                                                       
Jerry Kwabena Kansis (Adinkra) Ghana, Mambo Tse (Cameroon), Howard Knowles Sankofa (Jamaica), Apha Samoura ( Guinea ), Nozipho Sibanyoni ( Swaziland/South Africa), Jerry A. Frimpong (Ghana), Olivia Nantongo (Uganda), Olutusin Mustapha (Nigeria)
About Committee

Our Mission is to work as a liaison between the African immigrants’ community and the Office of the Brooklyn Borough President. 
The African Heritage   Advisory Committee (AHAC) aims to ensure that the executive is empowered, well informed, and able to act effectively on the needs and concerns of African immigrants’ community living or working in the Borough of Brooklyn and the City of New York at large.

According to the recent reports, the African population in Brooklyn and New York City has grown considerably in recent years.
AHAC conducts outreach to understand community needs and concerns; and informs African immigrants about Borough programs, resources available, and proposed initiatives.
AHAC identifies opportunities to expand nonprofit and faith-based groups’ capacity to serve the city community members and prospects for the community, public, and private-sector collaboration to best serve African immigrants in the borough of Brooklyn. 
AHAC organizes events, seminars and advises community leaders and representatives on community needs and concerns; identifies opportunities for increasing the county workforce’s cultural competence, and helps the county reach the community.