Cameroon Coronavirus Numbers Soar After Schools Reopen

Reports emerging indicate that Cameroon is seeing an astronomical increase in their COVID-19 cases after schools resumed teaching and learning.

The Central African country saw an increase of 254 new cases on Monday and 188 new cases on Tuesday bringing the country’s total number of infections to 6,585 with 200 deaths and 3,676 recoveries.

This sharp increase in the number of new cases are seen to be as a result of the reopening of schools however, it is not very clear where these numbers are emanating from.

University students and final year students of lower levels of education have resumed school and have started studies with adherence to social distancing protocols and other precautionary measures such as the wearing of face masks.

Teachers who failed to report to school over concerns of their health were threatened by education officials to local media.

Government has however announced that it will ensure the safety of teachers and students whiles they are in school.