Rebels Attack Sudanese Army Camp

Rebel groups in Sudan's Darfur region have attacked a camp of the Sudanese army in western Jebel Marra area, the army said in a statement Tuesday.

"Groups belonging to the Sudan Liberation Movement (SLM) and Al Sahwa Revolutionary Council have attacked our forces in western Jebel Marra area," the statement noted.

"The attack is a clear violation of the declared cease-fire and an attempt to drag Darfur back to the state of war and security chaos," it added.

The Sudanese army said it maintains the right of defending its sites and protecting the citizens against terrorist and criminal acts by such groups.

The army also has the right to respond to any aggression and take necessary measures to eliminate threats and prevent recurrence of these terrorist acts, the statement noted.

On Oct. 16 last year, the Sudanese army declared a comprehensive cease-fire in Darfur region.

Armed groups have been fighting the government since 2003.

Since last October, South Sudan's capital Juba has been hosting peace talks between the Sudan government and armed groups from Darfur, South Kordofan and Blue Nile regions.