Clashes At Black Lives Matter Protests in London - PHOTOS

Clashes have erupted at the Black Lives Matter protests in London and flares have been thrown at police - after tens of thousands packed into Parliament Square, despite Priti Patel urging them to stay away to avoid the Covid danger of large crowds.

Despite the majority of the protests remaining peaceful throughout the day, violence erupted on Whitehall at 7pm after tens of thousands of protesters had gathered in the capital to oppose racism and demand justice for George Floyd.

In the melee one man hurled a bike at a police horse, causing it to bolt and charge down Whitehall. The female officer riding it slammed into a traffic light and fell from her saddle injured and seemingly unconscious. The horse continued galloping down Whitehall where it hit a woman protester before being brought under control.

The Metropolitan Police said tonight: 'The officer is currently in hospital, receiving treatment for her injuries which are not life-threatening. The officer fell from her horse, and we are examining the full circumstances of what took place.'