Deliberate Disenfranchisement? Bunkum

The impression being peddled by the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and its assigns to the extent that some Ghanaians are being disenfranchised is as erroneous as it is mischievous.

Such manipulations of the fact can only emanate from NDC members whose mischief in such matters is common knowledge.

It is sad that some persons who should steer away from such partisan nonsense are getting embroiled in it through unnecessary comments which do not make any sense anyway. There is no dearth of mischief from the NDC playbook except that these are bereft of the important sophistication required to veneer the mischief.

All elections are controlled by laws otherwise everybody can vote provided they live within the confines of a country.

It is beyond our ken that otherwise intelligent personalities would seek to create the impression that there is a deliberate attempt to reduce the number of persons who can vote in this country.

We can bet that the Electoral Commission (EC) would be elated if all those who want to vote and are qualified to do so register and make their choices on polling day.

The contents of the accompanying CI for the new register have expanded the number of persons a registered person can guarantee for the purpose of being registered two-fold. What are they talking about when they claim some people are going to be disenfranchised and deliberately so?

If the Supreme Court directive that the register be rid of details of persons who used unlawful identities to be captured in the roll of voters and which was not done, the compilation of a new one offers just this opportunity. There is too much hypocrisy here. Come on our compatriots! Let us be serious and expose these liars and killjoys.

Those who are not Ghanaians and used the National Health Insurance Scheme identification cards to register as voters should cease to be considered as registered voters in this country for God’s sake.

Only bona fide Ghanaians should decide on who manages the affairs of this country for all of us.

We are aware of an ongoing project to spread fear among a section of citizens to steer clear of the registration exercise, but these manoeuvres too shall fail and pass.

Political mischief, the trademark of the NDC elements, has hit an alarming milestone. They are calling the bluff of the awesome powers of the state. It is the responsibility of the state to offer protection to the citizens of this country, and we can count on this.

That the NDC is averse to the compilation of a new voters’ register is sufficient reason the EC should give the country a new roll.