Did Heartbreak Trigger Duncan-Williams’ Son’s Bipolar Relapse?

In one of the explosive live videos launched by Daniel, son of Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams, during his recent relapse into his bipolar condition, he blamed his father for losing a lady he referred to as the “love of his life.”

Although he made that comment in passing, a psychologist is advising the family to see that as a red flag with regards to the possible triggers of his recent relapse.

The youngest son of one of Ghana’s renowned Archbishops accused his father of being the cause of his indecent actions.

Daniel Duncan-Williams accused the father of breaking his relationship with his ex-girlfriend.

Psychologist and Lecturer at the Central University believes setbacks in romantic affairs can cut deep into people’s emotions and may trigger an intense or even violent behaviour among people with a mental condition like bipolar.

“If he [Daniel] has lost his love, for whatever reason, then he needs to talk to a psychologist who will help him to understand why he lost his love and whether it is true that his father was the reason why and why his father may have done that, for him [Daniel] to be able to better understand the reasons why things are going the way they are going and then he will be able to go on,” Dr Hayfron told GhanaWeb in an exclusive interview on Wednesday.

Although the family of the respected Leader and Founder of Action Chapel International has attributed Daniel’s recent relapse on his failure to take his medication, the psychologist has advised the family to firmly resolve underlying issues.

Because Daniel dedicated a huge part of his outbursts in attacking his father, the psychologist has advised that tensions between the two must be dealt with when Daniel recovers.

Daniel Duncan-Williams, who lives in the United States, on Tuesday, June 9, 2020, set Twitter and other social media sites ablaze when he went on a tirade against his father amidst live videos of obscene nature.

However, on Wednesday, June 10, 2020, the family pleaded with Ghanaians to remember his son in their prayers for a cure.

A statement released in Accra by the spokesperson for the family, Bishop Ebenezer Obodai, stated that Daniel has been battling with the acute bipolar disease for the past six years.

The statement explained that Daniel’s failure to continue his prescribed medication causes him to relapse, hence some of his public outbursts which have become topical within the social media space.

Last year, Daniel’s condition became public following a similar episode.