COVID-19: 2020 Ghana’s Fastest Human Athletics Canceled

Mr. Reks Brobbey the founder of the Ghana National Petroleum Cooperation (GNPC) Ghana’s Fastest Human, has announced that the 2020 edition of the competition has been canceled due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

The 2020 GNPC Ghana's Fastest Human Athletics event started in the Northern and Central regions for the Open Invitational competitions in February.

As the annual event was about to hit the other regions, the COVID -19 virus took over the World at the end of March, and sporting events including the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, which was scheduled in July 2020 was halted.

In consultation with the sponsors, Mr. Brobby revealed that a decision has been made to cancel this year’s edition.

He said, “in consultation with our sponsors, we have also decided to discontinue the rest of the 2020 GNPC Ghana's Fastest Human Competition we began in February, even though the President of Ghana has informed us that noncontact sports, like Athletics, can now go on.”

He added that “With all the uncertainty this virus continues to bring to the World, we have decided that the rest of the 2020 GNPC Ghana's Fastest Human Athletics event would be canceled for this year and we would begin the entire event afresh next February 2021, God willing.”

However, the four athletes in the GNPC Speedsters Club in association with Adidas would continue training in camp while they get ready for next year’s Athletics season next year.