What Is The Next NDC STUNT?

Daily Guide has been observing with some bemusement the theatre that the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) has been deploying since the Electoral Commission (EC) decided it was going to compile a new voters’ register.

Perhaps the alleged tape which was clandestinely recorded at a “Black Operations” (Black Ops) meeting of the party, now a subject of court case, was the plan for the 2020 presidential and parliamentary elections.

The STUNTS have been unleashed in various forms ranging from rally ground activities, the law courts, the streets all over the country, press conferences to the use of the EC premises as a platform for launching all kinds of offensive missions.

One of the obsolete political tactics through surrogates has been reactivated in the “Concerned” grouping approach. A while ago, a number of NDC stalwarts from the universities and technical universities were railroaded into appending their signatures to a petition to the EC when this failed another group of NDC “medical practitioners” or “doctors” strived to reactivate the STUNT, which had failed abysmally in the first instance.

The Daily Guide is patiently waiting for more “Concerned” groupings: lawyers, NAGRAT, GNAT, fishermen, parliamentarians, engineers, charismatic pastors, freight forwarders, Abossey Okai Spare Parts Dealers etc to join the NDC directed project.

The STUNTS at the law courts from the High Court to the Supreme Court have produced their own drama or side attractions. The long and short of this unfolding theatrical performance is the exposure of the calibre of legal expertise and experience in the fold of the party. And to crown all this mischief is the attempt to protect their normal border strongholds through the importation of other ECOWAS citizens.

Of all the positive things that a modern IT-driven voters’ register will achieve one stands prominent ready to be exploited by cynics. For the first time in the annals of local politics or election management, Ghanaians will know the real ‘World Banks’. It is one of the reasons the NDC undertook the various STUNTS to thwart the compilation of a new voters’ roll.

So which parts of the country will show the real ‘World Banks’? We just have to wait and see. When the lady the NDC loves to hate finally completes her project, the knowledge will be available for us all to see.

The wasted investment in a project to make it impossible to compile a new register appears to indicate that the NDC’s took its decision on the hoof. Little wonder the party failed but the EC triumphed in its resolve to do what in its estimation is better for the country’s democracy.  

We pray that these STUNTS will be curtailed so that the NDC will start really working for the elections. For now, the party is not showing any effective strategy towards that direction.