Registration Exercise: No Applicant With Duplicate ID Numbers Will Be Disenfranchised – EC Assures

The Electoral Commission (EC) says it will not disenfranchise any applicant who by fault has a duplicate ID number during the ongoing voters’ registration exercise.

The Commission detected an incident at two of its registration centres within the Okaikwei North District where the same Voters ID numbers were issued to two different applicants.

This anomaly was detected by the EC Registration Officials on the day the incident occured.

In a statement issued, it said further investigation revealed that a faulty kit that had its unique identity transferred to a back up kit was inadvertently released to the District Office after it had been repaired without creating a new identity for it.

"This however resulted in two kits with the same identity issuing the same Voters ID numbers to the applicants," the statement said.
The Commission in a statement has said some sixty-three (63) applicants have been affected with duplicate ID numbers at the Okaiwei North District after registration but assured of an immediate replacement.
“The system identified sixty-three (63) applicants who were affected by this anomaly. These persons will be issued with new ID numbers at the completion of the voters' registration exercises.,” a portion of the statement read.
The statement also assured that “the affected applicants are unique with unique biodata and biometrics. As such, they stand no risk of being disenfranchised on voting day.”

“The commission wishes to reassure the affected applicants and the general public that this incident will not in any way disenfranchise any voter as it has taken steps to ensure that this episode does not recur”.