How Ghana’s Military High School Is Fighting Coronavirus With Discipline

Senior High Schools in the country continue to record cases of the coronavirus on a daily bases despite assurance from government that systems are put in place to prevent an outbreak of the disease in schools.

To prevent the viral spread of COVID-19 in SHSs, the government adopted some safety protocols that were to ensure that all final year students and teachers were protected as schools in Ghana reopened in June amidst the country recording cases of the virus.

Notwithstanding, more than ten secondary schools in the country have recorded cases of the virus barely a month into reopening.

While some schools have recorded as many as 50 cases, it is, however, commendable to note that some school authorities have devised other measures to complement the existing COVID-protocols on campus.

GhanaWeb visited one of Ghana’s military schools, the Forces Senior High Technical School, in Burma Camp, to observe how management has adopted new measures to prevent an outbreak of the virus. In this school, students are made to comply with the strict safety protocols at all time.

According to the Headmaster of the school, Lt Col Osman Zuneidu, they are fully aware of the outbreak of the virus in some schools causing them to do things differently.

One of the strategies adopted by the school is that food is no longer served at the dinning hall. Meals are served in disposable cups and packs to avoid overcrowding and physical contact.

“We realized that feeding the students and observing the protocols was going to be a difficult task for us. So we came up with the idea of using disposable packs so they can eat in batches in their classrooms and that is working very well for us and as part of COVID-19 education. We have recorded some jingles by students that we play over and over,” Lt Col Osman Zuneidu told GhanaWeb.

“At the beginning, we had some few supplies before the government supplies arrived…we had an orientation for teachers and students. Our situation keeps on improving because of the supplies we have received from the government and other benevolent organizations who have donated to the school.” He added.

Commenting on how students are receiving the new intervention, Joseph Ewusi, the Head Boys Prefect, commended authorities for the swift move adding that there is little or no physical contact during dinning.

“Once you pick your disposal cup or pack, you use it and dispose of it, no one gets into contact with it. It is one of the safest, the packs are able to keep our foods hot,” he said.

School authorities are burnt on ensuring that students adhere to all the laydown protocols. The headmaster explained, “Already in the boarding house if you break bonds you are de-boardinized, now we are very swift to do that. When you break bonds we quickly notice due to our vigilant nature…we will call your parents to pick you up there and then”.

The Head Prefect of the Forces Senior High Technical School, Pearl Yayra Quashie, said that studies have been going on smoothly but notwithstanding, “there is anxiety everywhere. As it stands now, we don’t know who has the virus but we are still praying and hoping that no one contracts the virus in our school so that we will be able to write successfully”.

Mr. Lennox Lamptey, a teacher from the school also told GhanaWeb that, “students are well prepared for their upcoming examination…I believe that we are safe over here based on the measures we have put in place so far”.

School authorities have, however, assured parents that they will continue to offer maximum protection for final year students who are preparing to complete the final phase of their education during their stay on campus.