Election 2020 Is About Records, Not Insults - MP

The upcoming December general election is about records and not insults; this is according to the Member of Parliament (MP) for Atiwa East constituency in the Eastern Region, Hon. Abena Osei Asare.

According to the MP, who doubles as Deputy Finance Minister, "this year’s election is not about insult or lies rather, it is about the project the NDC did in eight years as compared to what we have done in just four years. One important thing the President has done to change the lives of Ghanaians is the flagship free SHS program".

She added that "in fact, we were having a huge expenditure in education but with the implementation of the free SHS that money has been used for building and developing new infrastructures in the constituency”.

Mrs. Abena Osei Asare made this known during the launch of her campaign team at Anyinam.

At the event, Mrs. Osei Asare called on Ghanaians to vote base on what the NPP and the NDC have both achieved for this country as as a political parties.

To her, the NPP government has performed creditably well in the past four years than the NDC’s eight years in office.

She entreated Ghanaians to compare when they go to the polls on what both parties have achieved for the country before they cast their votes.

According to her, projects, work and other flagships programs done under the NPP in their four years in office is far better than the NDC’s eight years in the constituency.

She encouraged people who have benefited from the party in terms of job creation to go out and campaign for the NPP as she believes there are a lot to be done when they win power in the upcoming elections.

She affirmed that there is no assurance about the sustainability of the flagship free SHS program when the NPP government is voted out of office and has, therefore, called on Ghanaians to consider the achievements of the ruling government and give them another term.

Mr Twum Barima Koranteng, the 2nd Vice Chairman of the NPP, who chaired the event shared that the Atiwa East constituency needs to be commended for their various interventions in ensuring the growth of the party.

He noted that the recent registration exercise was successful despite people raising doubts and commended the research team for the hard work they did, given out adequate analyses on the registration exercise on a daily basis.

“Now politics is science and we must take it seriously and that is why people say NPP is going to win and surely we are going to win. This means that if you are not able to go to school you cannot be a politician” he said.

He has therefore called on members on the campaign team to unite with everyone and fight for a common goal ahead of the December polls.