Kwesi Pratt To Vote For Akua Donkor As President?

Ghana's laws permit lactating female workers to take a maternity leave of three months, in other words, 12 weeks (84 days) with full salary.

The three months maternity leave has however become a bone of contention as some critics argue it's too short a period for the lactating mothers while others are tossed between how many months or weeks that they want the mothers to embark on their leave.

One strong opponent to the three months leave is seasoned journalist Kwesi Pratt.

Kwesi Pratt, who is the Editor-in-Chief of the Insight newspaper, is of a strong view that women should be allowed to go on a year maternity leave.

His reason is very simple and that is to say, it will give the mothers ample time to spend looking after their babies.

''In fact, the addition of one month is small. Any person who's seen a six-week baby and the measures we have say that when your baby is six weeks old, leave the baby home and go to work; then you are wicked," he maintained during a discussion with sit-in host Nana Yaw Kesseh on Peace FM's 'Kokrokoo' programme on Friday, September 18.

Kwesi Pratt has also pledged to cast his ballot for any Presidential candidate who will promise a year maternity leave for female workers.

Although Kwesi Pratt's allegiance lies with the Convention People's Party (CPP), by virtue of his pledge, any political party whose manifesto captures his request will automatically have his vote.

It appears Kwesi Pratt has already found the party and Presidential aspirant he will be voting for in the December 7 polls.

The party is the Ghana Freedom Party (GFP).

The founder and Presidential candidate for the GFP, Akua Donkor has launched her manifesto and in the manifesto, one of the things on her heart is to extend maternity leave from three months to one year.

Juxtaposing the words of Mr Pratt and Akua Donkor's promise, it may be right to say the veteran journalist will vote for Akua Donkor and her Ghana Freedom Party.

However, the EC has pegged its filing fee for Presidential candidates at Ghc 100,000 which means Akua Donkor's ability to pay the fee will determine whether or not Mr. Pratt will honour his word to her and not a different aspirant.