KGL, NLA And Association Of Lotto Marketing Companies Partner To Set Up Welfare Fund

The Board of KGL Technology Limited, in consultation with the leadership of the National Lottery Authority (NLA) and the Association of Lotto Marketing Companies, is to set up a fund to support officially licensed lotto marketing companies under the NLA.
The fund will promote the shared objective of improving revenue generation by enhancing operations of the companies under the authority.

Discussions are currently ongoing among the three stakeholders to settle on the seed amount for the fund which will be run as a welfare scheme.

A statement issued by the Public Relations Unit of the NLA, which confirmed the ongoing deliberations, said the discussion would also consider the modalities on how the beneficiary companies could access the fund.

Welfare of lotto marketers

The statement further said the fund would go a long way to address the welfare challenges and concerns of the intended beneficiaries.

It said KGL Technology Limited through the Keed-NLA's suite of online games, remained committed to both the revenue generating objectives and welfare of the lotto marketers.

The fund, the statement explained, would help improve the condition of service of the lotto marketers.

Additionally, the fund would serve as one of the NLA’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) aligned to the National Lotto Act 722 and KGL Technology Limited would lead the charge with a commitment to sustainable financial and resource investment for this initiative.

Digitisation of lottery

A core mandate of the NLA is to market and sell differentiated lottery products to create a viable revenue stream for the government's development agenda.

In aligning itself to modern and technological trends, the NLA, aligned to the government's policy on digitalisation, had adopted and was currently exploring digital solutions to safeguard and augment the revenue generating capacity of existing lottery sales channels.

The statement said to enhance its digital operation, the NLA had partnered KGL Technology Limited's operation of the Keed-NLA's online and the *959# platform

“The subsequent positive impact on growing revenue and player acquisition of this digital platform has fast become an integral wing of the NLA, and KGL's efforts in assisting the Authority to achieve its goal for the Consolidated Fund have been even more significant with the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic,” the statement indicated.

The statement further intimated that it was this successful partnership that had encouraged the NLA to again team up with KGL Technology Limited and the Association of Lotto Marketing Companies to take pragmatic steps to improve the conditions of the collective body of lotto marketers with the welfare fund.