US Election: Fierce Fight Across Battleground States, Here's 5 Big Issues Americans Care About

Backers of President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden see the split between early voters and Election Day voters as partisan: Democrats in most states have made up a clear majority of early voters, while many Republicans are waiting to show up at the polls today.

In the final stretch, Mr. Trump amped up chaos at his rallies by claiming ballots should not be counted past election night, even though no state reports final results by midnight. Both candidates were focusing on Pennsylvania, which will be crucial.

Tension: The campaign is ending on an unsettling note. The final days have included threats of violent skirmishes and street demonstrations. Store owners in some cities are putting plywood on their windows, anticipating unrest.

The numbers: The polls have showed Mr. Biden in the lead. Our polling reporter outlined what Mr. Trump would need to win — essentially, he writes, a polling error much larger than the one in 2016.

Indeed there have already been record numbers of US voters showing up to vote early - but what’s driving these voters to the polls?

It’s been a trying year for many in the country as it grappled with the COVID-19 pandemic and mass protests over racial injustice.

Here are some of the top issues for voters in the US.