There Is Hope For The Future - Says JW Magazine

Jehovah’s Witnesses (JWs), a Christian denomination, have launched an unprecedented campaign to inspire the world to hope for a better future in the midst of the many calamities, suffering and pain in the society.

The campaign is to see to the distribution of local residents, businesses and government officials a special issue of ‘The Watchtower’ magazine with the cover title, “What Is God’s Kingdom?”

It is being offered free of charge in over 300 languages to thousands of people globally, including Ghana.

The ‘November 2020 issue’ of the magazine identifies sin as the root cause of all sufferings of mankind, while giving inspiration and hope to a distressed world, where hopelessness, anxiety and injustices had been the order of the day.

“Man has dominated man to his harm,” an abstract of the magazine read, and cited a United Nations’ publication in 2009, which identified bad rulership as “one of the root causes of evil within our societies.”

A statement issued by the Jehovah’s Witnesses, Ghana Branch, signed by Dr. Kwame Antwi Oduro, Ashanti Regional Local Spokesman for the Public Information Desk, and copied to the Ghana News Agency (GNA), Kumasi, said the magazine aimed at promoting Bible education.

Distribution of the special issue, according to the statement, had commenced in November via courier, electronic and other means acceptable to the people.

It indicated that this issue of ‘The Watchtower’ was designed to help readers find answers to some questions, including ‘Why do we need God’s Kingdom?’ and ‘Who is the King of God’s Kingdom?’

Others are ‘When will God’s Kingdom rule the earth?’, ‘What will God’s Kingdom accomplish?’, ‘Why choose to support God’s Kingdom now?’ and ‘What is God’s Kingdom?’

The statement said answers to these questions could readily be found in the Bible, hoping that the magazine would, therefore, bring to readers comfort and hope for a world free of pain and suffering.