COVID-19: Let’s Observe Protocols Outside The Chapel Too - Christians Told

The Reverend Dr. Charles Amarkwei, the Resident Minister of the Calvary Presbyterian Church of Ghana, has charged Christians to strictly observe the COVID-19 protocols in and outside the chapel to help contain the spread of the virus.

He said though Jesus Christ could heal all diseases, it was important they did what was expected of them to keep the virus away.

Rev. Dr. Amarkwei said, “we need to keep trusting Jesus in this Covid-19 period to provide us with healing, but we also need to continue with the protocols judiciously”.

He noted that the study of Science was essential to the total development of the human being, hence the need for all to always wear nose masks, wash hands with soap under running water, use hand sanitiser and social disturbance to ‘kill the virus.’

“...If we cannot use what we have in Science, it is then that God comes in with His healing power. He is already doing it,” Rev. Dr. Amarkwei said, adding that knowledge in Science was from God.

He asked his congregants not to panic over the spread of the virus, instead go by the protocols and encourage others to do same.

Rev. Dr. Amarkwei said Christians were expected to be law abiding and reiterated the need for them to always be in nose masks.

He asked them to have faith in the Lord and continue to pray for all health workers and government as the fight against the spread of the virus continued.