Concerned Mother's Movement Against Same-Sex Affair

Concerned Mother's Movement, a Children centred NGO, has tasked parents to educate their children to abhor same-sex relationships.

"The responsibility is now on parents to ensure that they protect their children from accepting or engaging in homosexuality in any form.

We are, therefore, urging parents to begin to give their children the appropriate sexual education on the activities of LGBTIQ and its effect on them,” Mrs Josephine Amoh, the Executive Director of the NGO, said in a Press Statement copied to the Ghana News Agency.

The statement said parents must also get to know their children so that they could observe any changes in their behaviour and to quickly investigate to see if the child needed some medical or psychological attention.

"Our concerns are based on the fact that in Ghana, we cannot monitor and enforce adequately legislations and regulations on important issues relating to the conduct of society in general."

For example, "when the idea of betting was introduced in Ghana and given the legal backing by the Gaming Authority, most of our youth have been addicted to it and no one is monitoring and enforcing the laws to ensure that the under-aged are not allowed to bet. Another example is even the wearing of the nose and face masks due to the Coronavirus pandemic."

"We are, therefore, of the view that when the activities of the group are legalized, most of the youth will be getting involved and the effect will be disastrous for the country’s future generation."

This abominable act cannot and should not be entertained whatsoever in our Country, the statement said.

The statement said: "In some jurisdictions where the activity of the LGBTI has been legalized, they have supporting medical and societal systems that ensure their safety and we do not believe our medical and value system supports this."

More so, Ghana is a religious country and both Christianity and Islam frown on the practice.

"Once again as Concerned Mothers, we say NO to the activities of LBGTIQ group and the government must not accept or must not be influenced by any Country or Institution to legalize the activities of LGBTI in Ghana."

The statement said Ghana was a sovereign country and should not allow anyone to bully her into accepting this immoral and abominable act.