Angel Obinim Is Ejecting Me From His House - Pamela Watara Cries

Instagram sensation, Pamela Dame Watara has revealed Bishop Angel Daniel Obinim is ejecting her from his house.

Pamela Watara was spotted in Obinim's church years ago receiving deliverance from Angel Obinim but many Ghanaians felt it was all staged.

Following the drama, there were rumors that Angel Obinim had bought a house for Pamela.

In an interview on Saturday's edition of "Entertainment Review" on Peace FM, Pamela confirmed she lives in Obinim's house and has been staying there for the past years.

She clarified that the house was rented out to her and that she pays rent monthly, contrary to speculations that the house was bought for her.

She further disclosed she won't be living in the house any longer because Bishop Obinim, through the administrator in charge of the house, has served her a notice to vacate the building when the month ends.

Pamela added that she doesn't know why Bishop Obinim is ejecting her from the house.

She told the host Akwasi Aboagye that she and Obinim has no problems for him to take such a decision against her.

"I don't even stay in the house everyday. Many times, I am with my boyfriend and I only come home for a few days and go back. For like 3 months, I hadn't been in the house. So, it cannot be said that my character is the cause. I don't cause any problems. I went home some time ago and received a letter that they're ejecting me from the house. They didn't give me reasons but just said they're taking their apartment and that I should hand over the room keys when my time is due," she paraphrastically said.

"My rent will elapse this month," she stressed.