Mahama's Reaction To Supreme Court Ruling Clear Sign Of "Immaturity" - Sam Pyne

The former President John Mahama reacting to the Supreme Court ruling which dismissed his election petition said he "disagrees with the process of the trial and the ruling of the court". 

Even though he believes the decision of the Supreme Court was not surprising, he bemoaned the fact that the court processes prevented the EC Chairperson, Madam Jean Mensa from testifying and accounting to the people of Ghana.

"No one who follows the proceeding of the Supreme Court will be surprised with the judgement pronounced a few hours ago . . . much as I am aware that we are legally bound by the decision of the highest Court of the land the Supreme Court of Ghana, I disagree with the process of the trial and the ruling of the court. The vital part of the process to establish the truth and hold Mrs Mensa accountable was blocked time and again . . . the refusal of the Chairperson from testifying in this election petition leaves a bad precedence for the future," he intimated.

Reacting to this in a panel discussion on Kumasi based Hello FM, Sam Pyne said, "his action shows immaturity; inciting people against the system . . . "

Listen to his explanation in the video below