Mahama Must Face 'Criminal Charges'! - Kwamena Duncan Roars

Former Central Regional Minister, Kwamena Duncan, wants ''criminal changes'' pressed against former President John Dramani Mahama.

To him, the former President needs to answer for his misdeeds, especially in the role he played in the inciting of his supporters to cause mayhem resulting in the death of some of the supporters.

Kwamena Duncan excoriated Mahama's behaviour before and after the 2020 Presidential elections, citing instances where he (Mahama) deceived his supporters into believing he was the President-elect and also spurred them to invade collation centers after the December 7th elections as well as hit the streets in protest against the Electoral Commission.

“President Mahama must answer for his incitement to violence. This country must not just sit that the Supreme Court has given a ruling, we must move on. Are we sure what might come up some other time? That somebody could disturb the peace of mind of this country after elections and be made to go scot free...President Mahama must be held to account. He must indeed respond. He must answer to his incitement to violence. He must answer for that”, he said.

He likened President Mahama to Ex-President of the United States, Donald Trump, who also made similar seditious comments but noted, in the latter's case, a punitive action was taken leading to his impeachment.

Kwamena stressed he will be ''so sad that this country will just sit and look on; that President Mahama will not be made to answer”.

He added that some individuals in USA are making moves to press criminal charges against Donald Trump and so called for same to be done to Mr. Mahama.

“There are individuals who are making the moves to send him to court to bring criminal charges against him. That is America and this country” must follow suit, he stated during a panel discussion on Peace FM's ''Kokrokoo''.