Thank You For Supporting Kadija Adams – Herbert Mensah To GB Foods

Renowned sports administrator and President of the Ghana Rugby Football Union, Herbert Mensah has thanked GB Foods(producers of Gino and Poma product) for supporting Kadija Adams ‘son Hanif for a hole in heart surgery.

Mrs Adams need no mention when it comes to the development of rugby in Ghana but her son Hanif was suffering from a hole in her heart.

Kadija Adams and her family were seriously hit by the novel Coronavirus but they recovered from the pandemic thanks to the interventions from the Ghana Rugby Football Union.

After recovering from the devastating disease comes with Hanif’s hole in heart of which once again Ghana Rugby through their partners and other philanthropists have raised money to support Hanif to undergo the surgery.

Hanif has undergone successful heart surgery at the Police Hospital in Accra on Friday and there are further surgeries he needs to undergo to be able to recover from the disease.

But Herbert Mensah who managed to solicit for funds for the first surgery has thanked GB Foods for coming to the aid of Kadija Adams and her family when Ghana Rugby made the call.

Appreciating GB Foods, Mr Mensah believes the group have done incredibly well despite the challenges Coronavirus has imposed on them and other businesses.

GB Foods are the producers of Gino and Pomo consolidated brands in Ghana and Africa at large.