March On Unhindered - Rev Kukubor To Christians

Reverend Noble Johnson Korbla Kukubor has charged Christian faithful to strive to be good stewards in their walk with Christ.

He said to partake of God’s glory as Christians, it was important for them to keep their faith and not allow troubles of life, failures, temptations among others that they were bound to encounter on their journey hinder them from leading a Christ-like life.

Rev Kukubor gave the admonition while giving a sermon during Palm Sunday Church service at the Global Evangelical Church (GEC), Woe Amenuveve Chapel.

The sermon titled “A Steward Marches on Unhindered” sought to encourage the congregants that though their sufferings might be many, the Almighty God was capable of delivering them from all of them.

“Whatever your afflictions, do not allow them to hinder your journey with Christ. They’re temporal. Be righteous and it shall be well with you. Remember, He’s an all-seeing and all-knowing God who has promised to bring us to an expected end.

“He has called us. We’re His chosen ones. Do you think God has called us to just cause us pain, make us a laughing stock? No. These are temporal. You know the story of Joseph, how his brothers sold him and who he turned out to be later. All things will work out for our good. That’s His promise to us. Remain steadfast in your walk with Him,” Rev Kukubor said.

He said “God is still the same, He never changes and just as he made His face to shine on people who turned to Him in the past, same He will do to all those who will turn to Him in truth and honesty.