Know Your Ghana Card Registration Requirements - NIA

The National Identification Authority (NIA), has asked the citizenry to familiarize themselves with the requirements for the registration of Ghana Card.

The Authority said it had recommenced premium registration activities at its Headquarters in Accra and urged qualified persons to know the requirements for stress-free registration.

A statement copied to the Ghana News Agency and signed by Abudu Abdul-Ganiyu, Ag. Head, Corporate Affairs, NIA, said the registration was opened to Ghanaians aged 15 years and above at 14 selected offices of the Ghana Revenue Authority across the country.

“The registration requirements as provided by law remain as follows: an original copy of a Birth Certificate; or an original copy of a valid Passport; or an original copy of a valid Certificate of Acquired Citizenship,” It said.

The statement said where an applicant did not possess any of the documents specified above, a relative of the applicant who had already registered and issued with a Ghana Card could vouch for the applicant under oath.

It said where the applicant had no known relatives, two persons aged 18 years and above and known to the applicant and who had both registered and issued with Ghana Cards could equally vouch for the applicant under oath.

The statement said the two persons, qualified to vouch for an applicant should fall within the following categories: a practising or retired professional teacher, (including principals, headmasters and headteachers), a Gazetted Chief, a practising or retired Magistrate or Judge, a licensed professional e.g. a Medical Doctor, a Nurse, a Lawyer, an Accountant, an Engineer, an Architect, a serving or retired Civil Servant.

Others included a serving or retired Public Servant, a serving or retired Clergyman, an Imam, a serving or retired Catechist, a serving or retired member of the Security Services, including the Ghana Police Service, Ghana Armed Forces, Ghana Prison Service, Ghana Immigration Service, Ghana National Fire Service, Bureau of National Investigations, Customs, Excise and Preventive Service of the Ghana Revenue Authority and National Security.

Also, a current or past Member of Parliament, a current or past Assemblyman, or a current or past member of a Unit Committee.

It said all applicants who turned up at a registration centre would need to come along with the Ghana Post Digital Address of their residence because it was also a mandatory requirement.

Additionally, the statement said applicants who possessed other Government-issued identity documents such as the Voter ID Card, NHIS Card, SSNIT biometric Card, Driver’s License and Tax Identification Number (TIN) were required to bring them along when applying to register for a Ghana Card for data harmonisation and integration.

“The NIA continues to entreat the general public to cooperate with its officials at all registration centres across the country to ensure continuing success,” it said.