Liberians Seek End To Gender Inequality In Politics

Women have launched a campaign - Lappa Revolution - compelling men to correct gender imbalances in Liberia's power structures.

More than 50% of Liberia's population is female, as is the case in most of Africa, yet women are a minority in politics and other spheres of leadership. The country has had a woman, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, as president but activists say more needs to be done.

"We in Liberia don't have institutions that give us the basic services we need," MacDella Cooper told the BBC's Focus on Africa programme, adding that the Lappa Revolution initiative wants to increase the representation of women in parliament.

"In 2021 we still have a very high maternal death rate. Because of lack of representation issues affecting the lives of women that could be easily resolved by having agencies of government functioning are not serving us," Ms Cooper said.

She says gender-based violence and the rape have increased and the laws meant to protect women are not enforced.

"The women are on fire, the women are very upset - and they are now standing up and taking action," Ms Cooper said.