Joe Anokye Sends An 'Emissary' To Beg Kennedy Agyapong...

Chief Executive Officer of the National Communications Authority (NCA) Joseph Anokye has sent an emissary to smoke peace pipe with Assin Central MP Kennedy Agyapong after the latter declared ‘war’ on him over a treatment meted out to him by Joe Anokye’s secretary. Readers will recall how Kennedy Agyapong threatened a showdown with Joe Anokye who used to come to his New Jersey home with Augustine Blay when NPP was in opposition. Joe Anokye has since sent a team to make peace following the MP’s outburst.

Kennedy Agyapong had indicated that if how Joe Anokye’s Secretary treated him and how she treats party members who call in for one form of help or another, then Joe Anokye must be careful about the type of instructions he gives his “girls” because the party will suffer for it.

The Assin MP who is also a former Communications Committee Chair of Parliament Kennedy said he was following up on an NCA letter written on the instructions of Acting NLA boss Ernest Mote to terminate a 1million Ghana Cedi contract with the NLA.

“I saw a letter NCA had written and I called and his [Joe Anokye’s] secretary picked and said he was not available and I said please this is Kennedy Agyapong can you give me his contact. She said I am sorry I can’t give his number to you. I said “eei, people are chopping power in Ghana paa oo”.” Kennedy Agyapong said. “I have been Chairman of the Communication Committee oo…Before that, I know that guy [Anokye], he and Blay who followed Bawumia around. They were coming to my house in New Jersey. So I know that guy! Yes, Anokye! A lady refused to give me Anokye’s number. And I have marked them all down!” he thundered.
“Now I am talking to Anokye. He has to be careful with the people he works with and the instructions he gives. If anyone undermines the people we will not make the person comfortable. I don’t fear him! I don’t fear him. He is my yonko) but I don’t fear him! If he sits there and doesn’t do his work well and he allows his secretary and other employees to disrespect any party member, Anokye, you won’t find it easy because I swear to God, we will not agree. We will not agree.”

But Joe Anokye has sent a message of “peace” through wife of Kennedy Agyapong, Stella Wilson Agyapong, asking for a meeting with with the Assin Central MP since the development.