Nick Kozmin: From Ground Zero To Achieving Unparalleled Success 

If you find an engineer with sales and marketing capabilities, you will likely find a successful tech business close by. Irrespective of the field or specialization scaling a business can be challenging and success does not come easy.

Nick Kozmin, founder of started his journey from ground zero and understands the challenges other entrepreneurs face today.

Nick Kozmin identified a gap in sales and marketing strategy for tech start-ups, fixed it, and has since launched a fast-growing company, aimed at getting the solution in the hands of as many troubled founders as possible. Nik worked hard to get where he is today. He added,”Building a successful entrepreneurial empire requires dedication, focus and patience. Now I aim to help other entrepreneurs scale their businesses and live their dreams as I did.”

Nick graduated from Queen’s University with a degree in Engineering Physics with a focus on lasers and quantum mechanics. In a door-to-door sales job, Nick was the top producer out of a team of 400 within a month. After college, he started a door-to-door auto detailing business and sold it 2 years later. His next venture was the creation of, where Nick scaled up from zero revenue to eight figures in less than 3 years

The unique thing here is that this success was not financed by loans or venture capital. He created in his apartment by himself with a laptop and a headset and zero outside funding. He got to his first million in sales with only one commission-based employee in only 6 months. From there, he never looked back.

Nick also launched Spio Capital, a firm with a small number of ultra-high-net-worth clients who seek at least 30% a year returns. As he has firmly established himself as a successful entrepreneur, Nick now assists more than 2000 tech companies effectively train their sales teams and create exceptional products.

Even though quantum mechanics and lasers are far from what he works on day to day, there are several valuable entrepreneurial lessons that Nick learned along the way. Now he works diligently to share that knowledge and help budding entrepreneurs succeed.