Bishop Agyinasare Urges Christians To Learn Sacrifice

Bishop Charles Agyinasare, Presiding Bishop of the Perez Chapel International, has admonished Christians to offer their time, talents, and resources to the service of God.

Teaching on the subject, “Sacrifice” on Sunday, he urged the congregation to continuously make sacrifices unto God, because that was what God demanded of them.

He explained that to sacrifice meant to offer unto God something costly that would release the power of God into one’s life.

Bishop Agyinasare lamented how many Christians had acquired material things their priority, adding that “though these are good, they are not the essence of one's spirituality.”

“Christianity isn't about natural things. It is about your spirit and your soul”, he stated.

Referring to the scriptures, he said that the cross, which signified crucifixion, must be the centre of every believer’s life.

“You have to die to your pride and self. Christianity without the cross is powerless”, he said.

The Presiding Bishop charged the congregants to build for themselves treasures in heaven while here on earth, saying, “life isn't just about here.”