Konkonsa Systems CEO Constructs Ultra Modern Police Station At Achimota Mile 7

The CEO Of Konkonsa systems Chief Dominic popularly known as Konkonsa who works at the office of the President (Jubliee House) as the Technical Advisor in charge of Transport and logistics has built an ultra modern police station for the Ghana Police Service and the good people of Achimota Mile 7.

This was disclosed by Kwesi Botchway Jnr, a communicator for the NPP who was speaking on Rainbow Radio’s morning show with Kwabena Agyapong.

According to the NPP communicator, Konkonsa is one person who needs to be commended and applauded for his excellent initiative to contribute his efforts and resources towards the development of the nation.

He revealed that, Konkonsa did not construct the police station for his own interest or political interest but did same in the spirit of good Will and statesmanship.

He added that, Konkonsa does not even stay anywhere close to Achimota.

The main motive for the construction of this ultra modern police station is that, somewhere November last year (2019), Chief Dominic AKA Konkonsa visited the police station and saw the deplorable state of the station.

Per an interaction with some police officers, they told him that, they had no washroom, place to rest, no proper ventilation and any time it rained, they had to find places to hide themselves. Also, the police men told him that, their greatest opposition were not criminals but mosquitoes during the night time and that, none of them even wanted to be on a night shift because same was a receipt for malaria.
Upon hearing the plea of the police officers, Konkonsa took it upon himself to build for them a fully air conditioned ultra modern police station with wash rooms, bathrooms, large space (hall) and 4 office rooms with his own pocket funds without a penny from the government or MP of the community.

The project took less than 12 months for its completion.

This is indeed worth commending and recognizing.

Find attached pictures of the state of the police station before and after the project.