Liberia Warns Traders Against Hiking Beer Prices

The Liberian government has asked the public to report any businesses found increasing the market price of the country’s two leading beer brands.

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry said it had been compelled to look into the matter because of numerous complaints.

“Any distributor found hiking prices of Club Beer and Guinness Stout on the Liberian market will be punished in accordance with the law,” the strongly worded statement by Commerce Minister Mawine Diggs, warns.

Penalties could range from the suspension to the cancellation of a business's registration, the statement said.

The Monrovia Breweries Incorporated, which produces the two beverages, has not commented on the directive.

The two beer brands are very popular in the West African nation - so loved that during the country’s 14-year civil war it was reported that the factory producing them was the only one never to be targeted by the various armed factions.

The move has been hailed by some, though others feel the government is wasting time on a triviality when there are more pressing matters to address.