Respect Your Husbands, Not Only Pastors

The Reverend Thomas Henry Quamson, Head Pastor, Assemblies of God, Holy Ghost Worship Centre at Ashaiman, has asked wives to respect their husbands just as they do for pastors.

He said "there's nothing wrong showing respect to pastors but you can't respect your pastor more than your husband. It is not morally and biblically acceptable."

Rev. Quamsom said on Sunday whilst delivering a sermon on, "The Family."

He said the family was the first institution God created thus it was a must for wives to respect their husbands-heads of the family.

"Your husband is your head and your pastor is your spiritual head," he added.

Reverend Quamson also cautioned wives against 'running' to church without executing their household responsibilities.

"A false balance is an abomination unto the Lord," so "you must always serve your husbands in humility and respect," he said.

Rev. Quamson said such "imbalances" had caused problems for many marriages and advised wives to revive their marriages with positive attitudes.

He also admonished husbands to love their wives and not "another."

"You have to lead and train your family in the fear of God and care for them," Rev Quamson entreated husbands.